The Best of Dr. No

As a James Bond fan, it’s not a surprise that I have an opinion on both the books and the movies. However, except with a few exceptions, I tend to like both the movies and books for what they have to offer. Despite this, I do think the movies made both good and bad choices […]

The Shadow Over Innsmouth’s Long Shadow

These days reading horror, as with watching horror movies, can easily be an unfulfilling and disappointing experience. The Shadow Over Innsmouth did not disappoint on the horror front, but I’m puzzled how one could not become frustrated with the persistent and pervasive racism both in the novella and in its subsequent influence on more modern […]

10 Places Every Dr. No Fan Should Visit

I cannot truly explain why I’m a fan of James Bond. He’s an arrogant misogynist. Yet I’m the first in line for every movie, and I’m not even considering putting down the books. I do happen to have a general love for all things spy related, yet you don’t see me creating travel posts about […]

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