The Human Centipede for Day 30

The Human Centipede is a gross movie. I almost don’t want to even write anything about it.

I remember when it came out the idea of it alone was a spectacle. With so many things like this, I expected to be disappointed. I thought there would be maybe five minutes of the actual human centipede.

There was a lot of centipede.

Dare I say, there was too much centipede. But without the centipede this movie is unremarkable. Unremarkable acting, an unremarkable story, and unremarkable filmmaking. The centipede and the ending will make this movie unforgettable for anyone who watches it.

Does anyone need to watch The Human Centipede? No.

Is The Human Centipede worth watching if you’ve always been curious? Absolutely.

It’s hard to gross me out, but this one managed to do it.

In terms of travel, the American tourists do a lot of things I would personally never do. I still plan on visiting Germany (because of course this is in Germany). However after living in the countryside of Europe, I know that people do some weird shit in their homes. I’d rather go up to a stranger’s house in America as a Black woman than go up to a stranger’s house in the woods in Europe.

I’m not trying to do either of those things, but the American’s aren’t as practiced at covering up their secrets as the Europeans. And at the very least, the literal least, I’d at least have a chance at becoming a hashtag in America. (Please don’t ever let my death become a hashtag. You can do this by supporting Black Lives Matter.)

Things I Learned:

  1. It’s always better to spend the night in your car.
  2. Heels and the woods don’t mix.
  3. Never drink anything from strangers.
  4. While traveling, it’s never a good idea to drive yourself to the nightclub.
  5. Watch the person pick up the phone and dial the number. Then be pushy and talk to the other person on the line.

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