Day 29 in The Land of Smiles

The Land of Smiles is unsurprisingly set in the beautiful country of Thailand. I had never heard of this movie before, and I now understand why. For my particular purpose of watching horror movies that will dissuade me from traveling, this one was particularly bad.

The Land of Smiles is about a young woman traveling to Thailand to find her best friend, Penny, who has been kidnapped by someone in a clown mask. How does Penny stay alive? Her best friend has to have fun in Thailand. The more fun she has, the better Penny will be treated.

I, a person who desperately wants to travel, just watched a movie about someone being forced to have fun in Thailand or else their best friend is killed.

Like I said, for my particular purposes, this was almost torture for me. I too want to drink free buckets of mixed drinks on a beach and have a decent room all to myself for $15 a night. Thankfully, the movie rarely showed much of the country. So at least there’s that, I guess.

This movie had an interesting premise and solid talent on hand. But things fell apart in the details. There were far too many plot holes, a frequent lack of tension, way too many party scenes (especially for me to watch during Covid-19), and not enough thrills.

With tighter editing and, perhaps, a different ending, I think this could have been a much better film. But as it is, I’m not surprised that no one feels the need to talk about it.

I actually started searching for quarantine measures and visa requirements for Thailand while I was watching this movie. Of course I wouldn’t want any of my friends to get kidnapped, but if they had to be kidnapped I wouldn’t mind these kind of terms.

In all seriousness though, don’t kidnap people.

Things I Learned:

  1. Accept gifts from the universe when they come to you.
  2. Never give up a trip for a boyfriend.
  3. Some backpackers are pretty cool people.
  4. Always check that the “dead” person is actually dead. They are never dead at first sight.

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