Afflicted on Day 31

Afflicted is a Canadian horror movie about two men, Cliff and Derek, going on what I would consider a dream trip. They are also documenting their year-long trip across the world. Derek has been diagnosed with AVM, which worries his friends and family when he is assaulted during a one night stand. Cliff then documents Derek’s physical changes and also uploads everything on their website.

The movie is marketed as if Derek catches an unknown illness, but **spoiler alert** it is quickly clear what his affliction is.

It’s an incredibly well-made movie in the found footage style, but it’s lean on the scares, tension, and suspense. There are a few moments where it earns its place in the genre, however I found them too few in number.

Overall, I’d highly recommend this movie. It’s interesting and one I’d actually like to see have a sequel. I cared about Derek and Cliff, and I want to know more about their story and their futures.

This isn’t the movie for you if you’re looking for something fast-paced or filled with thrills.

And something I have to note: They introduced the Chinese-Canadian character with a gong. We have to do better folks.

As for travel: Yes! Nothing in this movie has deterred me from traveling. I would love to take a year to travel the world with a good friend, or even just by myself. That would be a literal dream.

Things I Learned:

  1. You never know what you might catch from random hookups.
  2. I really want to go on a trip around the world.
  3. Don’t show your ID before you commit a crime.
  4. Traveling with a good friend is the best way to stay safe.

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