Welcome Home for Day 24

Welcome Home (also called The Getaway) had the potential to be a classic. It was all there — Solid leading actors, good atmosphere, great film-making technicality, and the bones of an amazing story.  And yet, because of a lack of understanding of storytelling and how to create tension in general, we walk away with a mediocre and forgettable film.

Welcome Home is about a couple who want to reconnect after a romantic betrayal. They rent a beautiful semi-isolated home in Italy for a week to focus on each other. A neighbor then inserts himself into their life in an attempt to increase the drama in their lives.

I think the ultimate fumble in this movie was revealing too many answers far too soon. I don’t know if this was done through editing decisions or in the screenplay, which also goes to show how muddled these decisions turned out.

Considering how expensive this house was for the week, I won’t be renting anyone’s home for a week anytime soon. So I don’t have anything to worry about on that front. However, people placing cameras in their rental properties happens much more then we’d all like to admit. If I ever find myself in anyone’s rental, I will definitely check for cameras and so should you.

Things I Learned:

  1. Don’t invite strangers into your temporary or permanent home.
  2. Don’t stay in a relationship with someone you don’t like.
  3. No one in the countryside of Italy speaks perfect English without a backstory. If you can converse with me that easily in a second language you rarely have a chance to speak, I’m asking questions.
  4. Nobody with good intentions gives you free access to their wine cellar for an entire week….unless it’s stocked with Yellow Tail. Even then, I’m suspicious.

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