The Green Inferno for Day 28

As much as I like The Green Inferno, it is certainly a product of Eli Roth.

The dialogue seems as if it were written in 2003 instead of 2013. With lines like, “activism is so fucking gay,” and “what girl doesn’t (want to starve themselves),” and calling people “retarded” I think Roth needs to start farming the first half of his screenplays to other writers.

Another problem I had with this movie that absolutely must be brought up is the use of Black bodies shown naked, in pain, and vulnerable. It is done in a classroom setting without any of the classroom context. All of this was done to foreshadow an incident of female genital cutting. This further objectification of Black bodies was not worth the setup.

The last thing I’ll say is that there are still peoples who are not connected to the rest of the world, and movies like this don’t help those who want their land and resources to see their humanity. Now that I’ve stated what should be the obvious I’ll go on.

The Green Inferno is about a college environmental activist group that goes to Peru to protest deforestation by chaining themselves to trees in the jungle. However, things aren’t exactly as they seem. Their plane crashes and they are found by a fictional village of cannibalistic headhunters. They then have to fight for their survival.

The entire first half of the movie is infuriating. Not only do I dislike almost all of the college students, I also dislike the writers and the director. Only after the plane crash does Roth’s talent begin to break through.

As with many Roth films, you can see his reverence for earlier horror films. I am also a fan of the cannibal horror movies that were more common in the 70s, so I absolutely get what he was trying to do here. He certainly made them bloodier, but not better.

The second half of this movie is goretastic! After disliking most of the students, there is some real enjoyment in seeing them hacked apart by people who will most likely have their homeland destroyed so we can all have a cup of coffee or that cool new table.

Don’t watch this movie unless you’re in the mood for a lot of blood and guts.

As it concerns travel, I am constantly confused by people so thoroughly unprepared for the jungle who are also willing to go to into the jungle without a second thought. Did no one grow up watching the Discovery Channel? National Geographic? I actually wouldn’t mind going into the Amazon one day, but you’d better believe I’d be as prepared as I could be.

I also have no worries about getting conned into being a part of some extreme activist group. I am far too critical and suspicious of those kinds of things to get that involved. I don’t believe in activism funded by an anonymous source or just one person.

Ultimately, I would most definitely still go to Peru, but I wouldn’t be going to perform, emphasis on perform, activism.

Things I Learned:

  1. If someone has demonstrated that they don’t like you, don’t trust them to hand you any life-saving equipment.
  2. Always be prepared for a crash in a small airplane.
  3. Sometimes that’s just what you get. Watch what you put out into the world because it can come back to you real quick.

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