Motel Hell for Day 27

When I first saw Motel Hell as a kid I remember being incredibly freaked out by the bodies buried in the ground. The image of those heads was the first thing that came to my mind when I added Motel Hell to my travel horror movie list. Watching this again as an adult has given me a much more appropriate appreciation of Motel Hell.

Motel Hell is about a combination motel and smoked meats shop. The smoked meat is incredibly delicious because they combine humans and pigs for a unique flavor profile. The business is ran by a brother and sister team who ensnare travelers in many different ways. They then plant the travelers in the ground and once they’re fattened up they bring them to slaughter.

This movie has me questioning every movie I was afraid of as a child. It’s actually quite funny in a Tales from the Crypt kind of way. Other than the almost rape scene, I found everything about this movie enjoyable.

And Farmer Vincent’s last line is a hoot!

If you’re looking for something a little scary for an audience over the age of 12, I’d recommend this movie. I sometimes get into a Tales from the Crypt kind of mood, and this movie perfectly fits in with that vibe.

I’m already weary of staying in motels that you just come across on the road. My biggest real-life travel concern would be eating that meat. I am absolutely the type of person to pull a hard right (I’ve literally done it before) in order to try some kind of roadside food/attraction. I would probably buy the whole sampler and rave about it to whoever would listen.

Things I Learned:

  1. Everything has preservatives.
  2. Meat is meat, and I’ve gotta eat.
  3. The police aren’t going to investigate a thing unless they have some sort of incentive. Continue to place pressure on your local governments and police departments about missing people and suspicious deaths. Black Lives Matter.

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