The Evil in Us for Day 23

The Evil In Us is an all-around bad movie. It’s the type of movie that uses an Instagram filter so it doesn’t seem as low budget as it is. Now, I’m not one to knock a low-budget movie, but this movie gives all other low-budget horror movies a bad name. And I’m mad about it.

Basically a billionaire Texas senator, who also started The Tea Party, secretly creates a strain of cocaine and marijuana that causes the user to become enraged and become a cannibalistic homicidal maniac. Six friends go to an island to celebrate Independence Day weekend and all but one then do these drugs.

The ONLY Black person in the entire movie, John Wheeler, is set up as a criminal and sometime drug dealer. He is also one of those six people who are all very Seattle suburban and not seemingly criminal. On the island he, of course, is the first one to go cannibal and is then used as some sort of lesson to be learned by the audience.

The Evil in Us is trying to be a morality tale about drug use. They use John as the vehicle for this. He is the drug dealer who creates havoc in the suburban lives of everyone he touches as we learn about the other incidents of those who took his drugs.

They set him up with a violent criminal history with no explanation about his past or present lifestyle. He, of course, is the first to turn cannibal. His friends turn violently against him before being affected by the drugs themselves.

At dawn when the drugs wear off, he’s the only survivor of those who turned homicidal. He then commits suicide by pointing a gun at the police so they will shoot him.

I am so enraged by so many things in this movie. I can’t even discuss them all. I don’t even want to. I will just say that NO ONE should see this movie. I repeat: Please do not watch this movie.

Also, how does someone who has third degree burns on at least 30% of their body including their ENTIRE head not go into shock with no treatment for hours? I’ll tell you how, because they still need to be shot by the police.

Oh, and I can’t forget that his friends “caught” John taking Lithium for an unknown mental illness that then made him thoroughly untrustworthy to his “friends.”

NOTHING IN THIS MOVIE MADE SENSE! I feel like I watched a liberal Christian film project, but they had enough money and connections to actually get a small distribution deal.

If you don’t understand why this movie made me so upset, I cannot help you right now. Please comment with any questions you might have, and I’ll get to them once I’ve cooled off.

Also, we would have to be amazing friends for me to willingly go to an island with no access to a boat with you.

Things I Learned:

  1. Some horror movies are just bad. This is one of them.
  2. There are horror movies even I cannot appreciate. And that’s hard to make. These people made one of those movies.
  3. Choose your friends wisely. If you’re their only _____ friend, think twice about why that’s so.

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