Day 21 at The Ruins

The Ruins is based off of a novel by the same name, and I can only guess the book is much better than the movie. What is slightly interesting is that in this movie we have a group of young people being much more like your average everyday American tourists. None of them do anything horrendous, instead there are lots of little trespasses and acts of disrespect.

The Ruins is about two young American couples on vacation in Mexico. Another tourists invites them to go to an archaeological site to see a Mayan pyramid in the middle of the jungle. They go, and are then basically killed by the plants growing out of the pyramid.

I imagine this is something that works a lot better in a book than in a film.

Now, I am a huge fan of rich tourists getting terrorized in countries that have been historically exploited. And even though The Ruins falls perfectly in line with this, I didn’t find it as satisfying as similar films. There is nothing I can overtly point to that makes The Ruins a bad movie, but there’s nothing that makes it a good one either.

Even though I haven’t read the book, I think I’d recommend the book before recommending this movie.

In terms of travel, this did nothing to discourage me from going to Mexico. I doubt I would visit the kind of resort they were in, and I know I wouldn’t be traipsing through the jungle on a whim or in flip flops.

Things I Learned:

  1. Real archaeological sites deserve respect and permission to visit. Don’t go just because the brother of a fling of an archaeologist invited you.
  2. Listen. To. The. Locals. If someone says the place you’re going isn’t a good place, listen to them!
  3. If a path is deliberately covered, it’s so you won’t use it. Don’t use it.
  4. If you encounter children silently staring at you in the jungle, stop everything you are doing and return to your hotel.

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