Snakes on a Plane for Day 20

I remember Snakes on a Plane being a big internet joke. On second watch, I realized the movie actually had a plot and was about more than just snakes on a plane. This point being acknowledged, the best things about Snakes on a Plane are the snakes on the plane, Samuel L. Jackson, and Julianna Margulies.

Nathan Phillips (from Wolf Creek) witnesses a murder and is being flown from Hawaii to Los Angeles to testify. The snakes are used as a tool to assassinate the witness and disguise it as a fatal accident caused by snakes killing everyone on the plane.

It’s a modern day exploitation flick, and it lives up to the expectation of such. There are gruesome deaths involving nudity, lots of crude humor, and lots of snakes!

Modern audiences rarely get an exploitation flick with such good casting and production value. So I definitely understand the excitement around this movie. It’s really just a good time watching people deal with snakes on a plane.

This is a solid movie for what it is; however, I don’t think it’s worth your time if you haven’t seen it by now.

Even though it is not unheard of for snakes to find their way aboard planes, the only thing this movie made me think about in terms of travel was that I want to fly in first class on a really nice plane. I would also like a snake. A cute little pastel ball python would just be so nice to have as a pet.

Things I learned:

  1. Always get a good look at the snake that bit you.
  2. If you witness a murder, don’t try to lie about it. This just makes it easier for the murderer to get away with killing you sooner.
  3. Take the retirement package.

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