Open Water for Day 19

Open Water is based off a true story, and perhaps that’s why I find it so unsettling. There is no evil or otherworldly happenings. Just a small recreational diving crew making mistakes that absolutely shouldn’t have happened. So often some of the worst moments in our lives happen from a small human error that we then have to live, or die, with.

Open Water is about a couple enjoying an average vacation in the Caribbean. They decide to go scuba diving and, through no fault of their own, the boat leaves them in the Atlantic Ocean. They then have to survive until someone notices they’re missing and comes to save them.

The mental terror this scenario alone gives me is enough to make me never want to do any kind of activity where I could be forgotten and then subsequently die.

The two have to deal with hunger, thirst, the weather, stinging jellyfish, sharks, and the idea of being left to die in the ocean. What Open Water adds to this scenario is good acting, and a believable found footage style that doesn’t come off as annoyingly fake. Keeping everything low budget also works. They don’t exaggerate any of the dangers they face because they don’t have to.

The biggest weakness of the film is that it’s easy to not care about the main characters, however it’s also hard to remove yourself from their situation.

I am currently quite happy keeping my butt right here in Michigan. Open Water has held up through the years. This movie terrified me when it came out, and it terrifies me now.

Things I learned:

  1. Always talk to the other people in your excursion or activity. One person saying “Hey, where’s that one couple” would have saved them.
  2. Look the tour person in their face and make sure they know you are present before and after whatever you’re doing.
  3. The couple the story is based on was missing for two days before they were even discovered to be missing. I will forever make sure it will take less than 24 hours before I’m deemed “missing” from a checkpoint. Time is life!

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