Wrong Turn for Day 18

Wrong Turn instantly brought feelings of nostalgia. The actors and the style of clothes reminded me of high school in a way that was actually pleasant. However, nostalgia is about all this movie is good for unless you just want a slasher flick on in the background while you clean.

Nothing in Wrong Turn is original. It follows a man running late for an interview who crashes into the car of 5 campers. After two of the campers are quickly killed, the remaining four must survive being hunted by three “inbred cannibalistic mountain men.”

Since there’s really not much to talk about when it comes to Wrong Turn, I’m going to talk a bit about the genre smash-up of horror and romance. It’s not unheard of for movies to include a romantic storyline. Sadly, it’s often the only reason women are even included in the story.

Horror, for numerous reasons, often have a leading woman and romance can take on a few different roles in the genre. Horror movies have a tradition of punishing the main characters for known transgressions as a take on morality. A young woman experiencing sexual attraction is most commonly used as a reason for that woman to be punished by the ensuing evil.

Even though that isn’t what’s happening in Wrong Turn, it’s helpful to establish a baseline for how romantic experiences are traditionally represented. Wrong Turn instead shows us another type of story line for romance and horror. Here we have two strangers who are brought together through their horrific experience similar to what you may see in action movies like Speed or Hobbs & Shaw.

The meet-cute we often see in romantic movies here was the traumatic event of a car crash. They learn about each other in short intense conversations and are forced to rely on each other for their literal lives. Here romance drives some of the choices the characters make throughout the movie.

Not everyone is willing to risk their lives for strangers, but here we recognize they are also working under the motivation of a romantic connection as well. This can work the opposite way as well –remember Midsommar?

In Wrong Turn the romance plot is actually more interesting than the horror portrayed, and that’s not saying much. Perhaps I’m just tired of the hillbilly inbred mutant cannibal killer, but I found it all quite boring and predictable. Give me a better reason for people to be hunted in the woods, please!

The romance in Wrong Turn is forced and gives the viewer the impression that the whole point of the movie was to just force the two protagonists together as they never would have met otherwise.

I clearly didn’t find this movie interesting. If you just want to watch a slasher with a couple of good kills, then this is the movie for you. It also brings the nostalgia associated with the fashion and the popular actors of the time. But I wouldn’t recommend it.

Things I learned:

  1. If a local tells you there isn’t a shortcut, don’t be a smartass and find one on his map. He’s clearly advising you to not take the shortcut.
  2. If traffic is going to make you so late for your interview that you won’t get the job, that’s on you. Deal with the traffic like everyone else.
  3. Going camping with two other loving couples won’t help you get over not being in a couple.
  4. There was no actual wrong turn in Wrong Turn.

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