Wolf Creek on Day 17

If you’re not into horror, you may not know that Australia is producing a lot of quality horror content. Wolf Creek was near the beginning, and possibly one of the reasons, for this boon.

There was actually another Australian movie I wanted to add to this list, but I couldn’t get access to the movie without adding a cost that just isn’t in my budget. Maybe if I keep at it Shudder will throw me a few bones and I can watch what I want in peace. Who knows how many watch lists I’m on because of the things I’ve borrowed or requested from my public library. I’d rather my bad taste be sold to some advertiser than the FBI.

I’m still learning more about the aesthetics coming out of this relatively new era of horror production, but I love the Australian landscape of “the middle of nowhere.” It’s so unfamiliar to me that it adds to the feeling of desperation that comes with it.

Wolf Creek follows three backpackers as they travel across the Australian outback out of an old car. This is absolutely something I would do. It’s something I want to do right now in the U.S. , and boy did this movie give me a lot of lessons learned.

Their car breaks down at Wolf Creek Crater and as they prepare to spend the night in their car, an incredibly fortunate and convenient thing happens. A man with a tow truck offers to give them a hand. Of course, he gives them more than just that.

Once I’m more familiar with the Australian horror movie environment, I’d love to do a comparison on the characterization of rural American outdoorsmen and Australian outback outdoorsmen. There were very specific actions and instances that raised the hair on the back of my neck. One was his outward superficial friendliness that the characters did not seem to pick up on as fake. I also got a very racist vibe from him, which I found out is confirmed in the second movie.

I would love to spend some time on this idea and how I as a Black woman identify red flags that other white travelers may not have a lot of experience with. That is for another time.

If you don’t like horror movies because they’re horror movies, you won’t like this one. But if you do like horror movies, I highly recommend this movie. Wolf Creek is a hallmark movie in the horror genre especially those made in Australia.

I’m a big fan of true crime, so the Australian outback of my imagination is already riddled with serial and opportunity killers who are just waiting for the right backpacker to cross their path. You may never find me in the real Australian outback because not only do I just not have that desire, but I’m not trying to go missing.

Things I Learned:

  1. The kindness of strangers only goes so far. At some point they are helping you to help themselves.
  2. My paranoia of cars following me would have paid off in this situation.
  3. Don’t trust people with tow trucks who don’t give you a price. Tow truck drivers always want to know where their money is coming from.
  4. I need to learn how all the guns work.
  5. Always be prepared to be set-up as the killer if you’re the only survivor. (I knew that one though. You’d better have proof especially if you’re Black.)
  6. If the “outback” doesn’t have a Bloomin’ Onion, I don’t want to be there by myself.


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