Temple on Day 11

Watching Temple is rough because I want to be in Japan so badly right now. I am prepared to risk it all to just be a bum in Japan. It’s not even funny how serious I am. I am willing to drop my credit score to 200. I am not playing around.

The first half of Temple was a joy to watch. We have 3 American tourists who are just making all the wrong choices. What’s more fun than yelling at the stupidity of others in a situation you wouldn’t mind being in? Not much in October. Unfortunately, there is nothing else that this movie adds to any horror movie watching experience.

Temple left me a little confused, and just wanting to be in Japan.

Things I learned:

  1. If the locals say don’t go, DON’T GO.
  2. If you are relying on a friend to translate for you, make sure that friend doesn’t have ulterior motives of any kind.
  3. Don’t travel with someone’s child without talking to their guardian(s) first.
  4. If you do bring that child with you, don’t let them go back down a mountain on their own. That’s irresponsible.
  5. Don’t explore abandoned sacred places.

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