Day 10 on the Horror Express

I love watching the horror movies that would play during October on Turner Classic Movies. I consider it a time to see movies that are rarely shown and basically unavailable in good definition elsewhere. Today I watched a horror movie called Horror Express. It stars Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing as they travel on the Trans-Siberian Express.

I love trains. I think they are a wonderful way to travel, and if I had my way I would have already traveled on the Trans-Siberian Express. I think trains are probably why I like Japan and Europe so much. They offer comfort, a wonderful view, and a chance to get up and walk when you need to.

Horror Express is about an ancient extra-terrestrial being who can absorb memories and knowledge through the eyes. At first, I thought this movie was nothing special, but the things picked up when the ancient beast was supposedly killed. Instead it transferred it’s being into a human, and the movie becomes more suspense than horror at this point.

This movie was enjoyable to watch, but since the field of archaeology and biology has become much more regulated I doubt I have to worry about a fossil coming to life and wanting my memories. I am still quite ready to buy an express ticket to just about anywhere. So drop any deals you know about in the comments!

Things I learned:

  1. Don’t steal from people’s bags. You never know what people are traveling with.
  2. Trains are wonderful places, especially in the winter.
  3. Anyone dying on a train should be treated as a big deal, even if they don’t have speaking parts.
  4. Sometimes you need a jerk to take charge, but he also should probably die before the end of the movie.

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