47 Meters Into Day 8

I avoided watching 47 Meters Down when it first came out because I still wasn’t fully over Open Water. (which I’m also watching this month.) Being stranded in or on a large body of water is actually a terrifying thought to me because there is so little you can do to take care of yourself in that situation. You can’t swim across an ocean nonstop, you can’t find your way to land without a reference point and depending on the weather that could be impossible anyway. You can become entirely and utterly lost.

47 Meters Down begins with two sisters on vacation in Mexico. Lisa, portrayed by Mandy Moore, is getting over a breakup and is in need of some self-esteem. Some strangers invite them to go diving with sharks, and Kate, her sister who also happens to be a certified diver, convinces Lisa to lie about knowing how to dive. FULL STOP. Why would you LIE about this? You can literally die from improper scuba diving. Even I know about the bends, and I’m sure that’s just one of many things you need to know about while diving.

So this movie has already removed me from this situation. No Open Water horror here. Now that I am fully removed, I can actually breathe and enjoy what this movie has to offer. Mandy Moore does a wonderful job in this movie. Her performance, once she’s underwater, believably mixes terror, the want to survive, and the mental and physical limitations that comes with them.

Nothing in this movie is a surprise, and you’ll probably see the twist coming as soon as it’s foreshadowed. The only thing you might question in this movie is how many sharks will come eventually come after them.

This one doesn’t make me want to close my open tabs on trips to Mexico, but it does make me wary of water adventures in general. However, as much as I say that I am not the type to do those things, if I’m with the right person, or even in the right mood, you’ll find me in some unlikely places including a shark cage.

Things I learned tonight:

  1. Don’t lie about knowing how to scuba dive.
  2. If a guy thinks you’re boring, move on and keep being you.
  3. Put the camera wristlet around your wrist!
  4. Don’t ever say I wish I could stay somewhere forever if you don’t literally mean it.

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