The Hills Have Eyes on Day 6

If I’m being honest with myself, I’m still very tempted to hop in a car and drive away from everything right now. So following up House of 1000 Corpses with The Hills Have Eyes (1977) was a good choice for me. The Carter family is traveling to California from Ohio for vacation. They decide to go exploring despite a local telling them repeatedly to stay on the main road and subsequently they encounter a clan of cannibals.

I don’t actually feel that bad for the Carters, since they clearly have a habit of calling Black people n-words and the father worked in law enforcement. I shouldn’t have to spell out Black Lives Matter for you to understand why that matters. And among other things, they also laugh about their dog killing a poodle. I say kill them all.

Except for the dogs, the bird, and the baby. They can be spared.

The Carters differ from the cannibal clan mostly in that they are violent enough to succeed within society, and the latter have always been outside of society. The Hills Have Eyes really becomes a clash of the clans and the Carter’s were destined to lose unless they could shed the shackles of civility.

As someone who would most likely travel by herself or with a few others at most, I’d most likely have no chance against a clan of killer thieves. However, I also would not leave the main road. What does remain a danger are the other people who prey on travelers and nomads. Many places are feeling the economic impacts of Covid-19, and many of those places are related to travel and/or tourism. I wouldn’t be surprised if more people are getting robbed or scammed while trying to travel, and I certainly don’t have enough resources to just hand over my things to some thieves or scammers. So that is a bit of a deterrence.

Actually, that did make me feel a bit better about not going out into the world. Hopefully it will last past tomorrow.

Things I learned tonight:

  1. Don’t go off the main road.
  2. Listen to the locals. If a local says don’t go there, don’t go there.
  3. Don’t hide things to not frighten other people. If they were frightened, they might have lived longer.
  4. Don’t expect privacy while traveling in a camper with 5 other people, a baby, two dogs, and a parakeet.
  5. German Shepherds remain in my top 5 breeds of dogs. (All American aka “I think he’s a ___ mixed with ___”  will always be #1. FYI: All American is how mixed breeds are named in some fancy dog registries and clubs.)

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