Get Duked! for Day #2

Day 2 and I picked a movie that makes me glad I’m not out exploring the Scottish Highlands. Get Duked! is about a group of 3 delinquent boys and one boy who is homeschooled and wants friends who are nominated for the Duke of Edinburgh award. They have to spend a weekend camping and living without their cell phone. The trick is that they have to get to a different campsite each night on their own with only the supplies they brought with them in the Scottish Highlands.

With an opening theme song of “Ain’t it Funny” by Danny Brown you know things are going to be fun. And this movie follows through on that promise.

I spent about a month in Edinburgh to ultimately participate in the Fringe Festival, and boy am I glad I didn’t go adventuring in the Highlands. I cherish the folks of Scotland, but I could also easily believe something like this could happen.

Get Duked! is a genuinely fun time, but where it fails is in creating a true sense of suspense. Not once was I truly worried about the main characters, which means ultimately Get Duked! didn’t quite get the mix right.

But I don’t care! I enjoyed myself, and I’m glad I’m not outside cold and slightly wet. But I do wish I had some Scottish whisky to warm up nevertheless.

I loved the campy and obvious foreshadowing throughout the film. The main characters were such ridiculous characters in such a ridiculous movie that I felt more endeared to them than annoyed with their stupid choices.

Get Duked! is a good choice for people who want to watch a violent movie with horror movie signifiers but without the actual horror or suspense.

What I learned from this movie:

  1. It’s better to go camping with friends.
  2. Sometimes everybody committing a crime works out.
  3. They’re not called the Highlands for nothing.
  4. Keep your forks sharp!

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