31 Days of Travel Horror Movies #1

It’s October 1st and although many of us may feel as if we’re living in a dystopian horror movie come to life, there are still actual horror movies to escape our daily worries with. And I’m going to watch a different spooky, creepy, gory, suspenseful, dark, weird movie every day of this month.

But it’s 2020, so I’m going to watch 31 movies that remind me of the many dangers of traveling. So join me as I remember why Covid-19 isn’t the only reason to not hop on a plane, or meet new people, or try new foods, see new things… Now I’m just making myself sad again.

I’m starting with a movie that was a hallmark in the goriest of horror genres — torture. Hostel came out in 2005. I was fresh from living in Europe and the stereotype of the brash, ignorant, and naïve American tourist was alive and well. I care nothing for the main characters who exhibit all of these characteristics, which makes the torture of them that comes later more palatable. (To me.)

Also screw the writers who thought it was believable for Kana, the only character we don’t know enough to dislike, to kill herself just because she was a Japanese woman. She was able to keep herself together after having her face literally torched and her eye pulled out of its socket, but she killed herself after seeing her reflection? I know what you all did there, and you’re not slick.

The main things learned tonight:

 1) You shouldn’t treat someone’s country as your sexual playground. If you do, maybe I won’t be too mad when you’re exploited by that same community.

2) If you’re going to torture someone wear shoes with good traction.

3) Sometimes there’s a reason there aren’t a lot of American tourists in a place. Find out why before you go off the beaten path with no local knowledge.

3) Be kind to the local kids.

4) The bond you can make with fellow travelers is real and can make you go back into a literal torture warehouse to save them.

Overall, it was fun to revisit this movie. I’d recommend a re-watch or a first watch to remember what it was like back in the early 2000s. And I’m glad I’m at home rather than in a hostel solely set up to sell my life to the bored rich.

I’m still coming up with my 31 movies, but tomorrow I’m going to watch Get Duked! It’s a 2019 movie about four boys on a camping trip that turns into a you’re-getting-hunted trip. You can watch Hostel on Hulu and Get Duked! is available with Amazon Prime.

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